I Am Your Coach

If you help clients buy and sell real estate, you are a coach.

The problem. Likely you have never formally learned “how” to coach. Many aspects of real estate are “learning by doing”. And, those who can “do”, survive. “Doing” and “surviving” is not coaching. And, real estate is changing faster than ever. Trial by fire will not keep you at the top anymore.

Coaching is not training. I have taught hundreds of seminars. My first career was in biotech. My job was to teach nurses, doctors, dentists and surgeons how to use our products. It was technical. It was training. We had teams all over the world trained to conduct the surgery and place the implants. The only problem was there were no patients. Everyone had technical expertise, but none of these fine professionals could motivate patients to say “yes” to the procedure. Over time, the best surgical teams were those lead by doctors who could convince patients to say “yes” to treatment. Many of these teams never received “formal” training. Like the top producing agent, they had so many clients(patients), they figured out how to use the product because they had the need. Sound familiar?

Great players are not automatically great coaches. I am a good real estate agent. I have sold hundreds of homes and negotiated millions of dollars on behalf of clients. None of this qualifies me to be an “effective” real estate coach. I am certified my NORE and have completed coaches training. The NORE model (Nature Of Real Estate) is derived from CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and customized for the unique demands of real estate by Suze Cumming. I have experienced great success using this model as a student and coach. If you have tried coaching and didn’t feel the magic, perhaps it’s worth trying a new method and new coach?

Avoid paint by numbers. A friend started real estate in 2008 at the same time as me. He started at one of the best training brokerages in town. I chose a brokerage filled with old farts (and knowledge). I heard his managing broker speaking one day at a seminar. He had hundreds of “training” ideas. I still use some of his ideas to this day. My friend bombed out after 28 months, faithfully paid his office bill and struggled to do a few deals. My path was the opposite. I was able to selectively hone my tools to fit my values and skills. My coach helped me do this.

The Difference? There are thousands of great trainers out there who think they are coaches. Thousands of agent have training. Few become top producers. Find a good coach and you will understand the difference quickly.

What’s next?

Are you reaching your financial goals?

Are you waking each day focused and energized?

Do you feel like you are just a few steps away from a break thru?

Do you feel stalled or less focused?

Are you ready to kick some ass and hammer this profession?

Is the best of you yet to be harnessed?

I am here to help realtors. It’s my profession. We make peoples lives better. I coach realtors. 😀