As I dropped my daughter off so she could go overnight camping with friends, I realized at my ripe old age, parties are tough on me and take a greater toll on my body. I suspect my daughter will be bright eye and bushy tailed the next day just fine. Me, I require a little more recovery but I still love parties.

However, there is one party you won’t see me get involved in: “Unrepresented Parties”.

BC’s ban on LDA (see my last blog) is accompanied by new real estate agency law. What’s most interesting is that the Real Estate Council of BC is forcing consumers to choose one of two paths: Client or Unrepresented Party.

The Client path looks to be paved with good intentions, loyalty, avoiding conflicts, full disclosure and privacy. Sounds great to me. I honestly feel I have been working this way for 10 years. Not perfectly I am sure, but trying.

And, the Client path sounds even better when you learn more about the Unrepresented Party road. It’s like a bush party gone bad with burning tires, hung over people everywhere and all your private bits out there for everyone to see. You could wake up (from a transaction) and realize you are hung over and your stuff is missing. Have fun getting home!

My practice is and always has been based on working with clients. As such, I will be showing you some new forms and I will need you to sign them. It will be a great experience and I will help you with the biggest financial decision of your life, as client and agent.

If you choose to remain unrepresented, I wish you the very best. I can share facts with you but not advice and remember, anything you say to any agent as an unrepresented party, can and will be used against you in the real estate transaction.

Next up, I will define the true nature of being a Client versus Unrepresented Party.