Rarely am I first to do things and rarely am I considered the best. I don’t need to be first or best but I do want to be significant. Meaningful. Helpful. I think most people have this desire. I do.

As kid I was tall, awkward and slow but I was clever. Multiple trips to the principals office was proof of my cleverness. I had the unique ability to see things a certain way and blurt out my feelings. This was not truly appreciated until I went into business where creativity, brashness and being memorable was important.

I also loved volleyball and sports.  Yet, most of my grade 9 and 10  season was spent sitting on the bench. I couldn’t keep up to the the smaller, faster and more skilled players on my team. My coach was supportive. He was a tall drink of water and always said, “it will come”.

One afternoon, it did. It was a regular season game near the end of my grade 10 year. We were losing but the game was close and it was my turn to be “rotated in”. As I approached the front of the net I could feel the stress of the “hitting” position coarse through my veins. The pass came to Alex and he made a decent set. Alex was a natural and the game came easy to him. The set was perfect. As the ball approached me, it seemed to slow down in the air. I made my jump and time seemed to slow down; both eyes on the ball and I swung.

Interestingly enough, the ball did not come back. Turns out it hit the ground straight away right through the blockers hands. The roar of the crowd and my team was earth shaking. It was an ace. My timing had come and I was gaining command of my body and the game. I couldn’t stop shaking. Ball after ball came to me and I simply jumped and swang away. Everything seemed to work. What a feeling.

What people most people miss about this story is that It took more than two years of work and practice to get me to this point. Tons of teasing from my team mates but an encouraging coach, Mr. Hardy and my commitment to show up for practice was all that was needed. My height certainly had helped but there were a number of boys taller than me who still could hit the ball.

I wasn’t first, but with practice I became good. How many times did I swing and miss? All I do know is that from that day forward, all those miss hits seemed to vanish. My dedication and commitment had paid off.

So, why are you here? You have found my corner of the web most likely because you already know me. You have seen my “social” and clicked your way to my blog. Thanks!

Certainly, its the not the first blog on the web about real estate but my promise is to keep swinging.

In the coming weeks and months I will do my best to populate this blog with some amazing stuff.. Drivel will be included, free of charge. My goal is to give you my best ideas, concepts, arguments, thoughts, feelings and perspectives.

My goal is for you to WIN. I want you to WIN by helping you make better real estate choices. Whether you are an agent, first time buyer, luxury home seller or just like me, someone trying to get the best out of real estate. I truly want you to make better choices, win when you can and have a great life.

Real estate is not a swing and a miss game. Miss hits are expensive. This is where experience and good old fashioned service can help.