I remember a friend at a party stating “we found our last home by ourselves, the agent just booked the appointment and wrote the offer. What an easy job!”

Now, I don’t know the who’s, what’s or where for’s of their relationship, but there is a secret that we real estate agents keep to ourselves. It’s a big secret hiding in plain sight. We hide all the good listings on the MLS and realtor.ca.

What my friend failed to recognize and acknowledge was the numerous homes they previewed. He forgot to mention the agents comments, analysis and advice given during each showing. And, he completely missed the importance and skill utilized during the offer process. From writing the offer, including subjects for the buyer’s benefit, to assisting in completing the due diligence and ultimately closing the transaction with the help of their lawyer.

The entire process was simplified and “easy” because his agent was competent. There are houses for sale everywhere. Choosing the right one, making sure it’s a good one and locking it up with a solid offer may seem easy but there are a lot of moving parts. That’s why we are here.