A top producing real estate agent is a good negotiator. True or False?

Answer: True and False

Every aspect of real estate has a negotiating element. Consider now selecting a list price. The agent, in effect, negotiates with her or her own client for the list price.

Negotiate a price that’s too high and the home  may not get showings or worse, get showings with poor feedback. Negotiate a price that is too low and the house sells in a day or two. Maybe it was under priced? Maybe it was the “right” price. Which approach is correct?

Under priced homes do not require much negotiation skill. The offers pour in.

Over priced homes do not require any negotiation at all skill because the offer never arrives.

Somewhere in the middle is where your agent shines. A well priced home, marketed properly and with flair attracts offers.

Offers your agent can now apply their true negotiating skill upon.