Can there really be a #1 mistake that a real estate agent can make? Mistakes are made everyday in any profession but in mine, there is a lot of money at stake.

I remember my first couple years. It felt as if I fumbled from one mistake to another. Nothing “big” thankfully and the support of my broker and mentors kept me on track. Mistakes are just part of the massive learning curve.

In choosing my number one you will need a little background. I believe that an agents roles is that of consultant and advice giver. Today, the legal definition has evolved to fiduciary. Interestingly, real estate agents are only paid when a deal completes. This can create a conflict.

If an agent needs a “sale” or commission, how likely is this to affect their ability to act as a true fiduciary?

Number one mistake agents make: “needing the money”.

Money is important. Zig Ziglar says “it ranks up there with air”. But needing the money is the problem.

Ask your agent, how are they financed? Do they have cash reserves if they do not do a deal for a month or two? Is their advice given without undue financial interest?

It might surprise you to know that most of us aren’t that busy.